The word privacy is a rarity these days.  With pretty much everything being accessible via social media or the website, there’s not much that can be kept private.

Cyber crime is a huge business. 

Times have changed!  With many children now spending a vast majority of their spare time on technology – whether it’s playing online games or doing their homework, how do you keep them safe?

We face increasing technological advances, yet designers still manage to keep up to date with the latest graphic design and website trends. 

Our work can be very varied, and we see many different set ups when we visit clients. 

So much so that one client we’ve recently worked with, a dentist in Redhill, was still operating from Windows XP! 

It’s not coincidental!  Colour plays an important part when it comes to website design and has a subconscious effect on how you perceive a business – there are certain colours which may help you to convert customers and target certain markets.

Technology is all around us.  Changes within the last 10, 20, 30 years have advanced how we conduct business and live our daily lives. 

t’s a bit of an IT jungle out there but it plays an important role in business, so it’s not something that can easily be pushed to one side. 

Do you know your RAM from your HTML or your SSL from your MB? 

We all get stuck in a rut sometimes – better the devil you know and all that but sometimes it does pay to switch.

How hard can it be? Mistakes to avoid when building a website

It’s almost a daily occurrence.  Just like there are things going on behind closed doors which we don’t know about with Governments, politicans, wars being fought with bombs and bullets, cyber war is a very real thing lying beneath the surface, re