Local Area Networks & Servers

A (LAN) local area network is a short-distance network used to link a group of computers together within a building. LANs provide low-cost, high-bandwidth networking capabilities within a home or office area. They also allow you to share your ADSL/Board band connection via a router for all the PC's connected to the LAN.


What can my company gain from a LAN ?

If your company operates on shared information across multiple PC's or departments, a network can tremendously save your organization time and money in daily operations. Having a network increases efficiency and productivity in how your company conducts business. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be set up to links LAN's togther, forming a WAN (Wide Area Network)

The Benefits of a LAN

Every business can benefit from a LAN, from sharing resources to backing up your clients data. We can build a basic network all the way to bigger client/server/VPN setups. The network can be wired or wireless or mixed.

Network Cable Installations

Out team of network engineers are able to design, install and maintain networks based on CAT5e and CAT6 networks in to new office's along with refurbishing or upgrading current networks.

Some of the services our network team can Coms Cable Network

Single network port installs using CAT5e and CAT6
Installation of new networks & additional cabling/relocation of existing network points.
New or refreshed Comms Rooms and Cabinet tidies and moves.
Testing, troubleshooting & documentation of new & existing networks
Supply and install of network equipment, such as switches, copper & fibre patch leads, comms cabinets and cabinet accessories.
Office/floor moves & changes to existing networks.
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Servers and Network Attached Storage - What is a Server or NAS ?

Synology NASA server is central data storage that allows PC's or laptops to share and access data over network and provides one central point for all your data/pictures/documents. Servers work within work a “client-server” set up and run programs to serve the requests of the “clients” Clients are the work stations that users operate to access the data and programs running or stored on the server. Servers also provide services like databases, email and central printing.

A NAS is an intelligent hard disk storage system with its own network address rather than being attached to any computer. It has it's own software for configuring and mapping file locations to the network attached devices.

Servers and NAS's need maintaining and updating on a regular basis to keep them running at an optimum level

How can a server help my business?
Tower Server

A server or NAS is designed to provide a central place to store and share all your files and data and allow access to them from anywhere on your network.  Security can also be set up so that only certain users can 
access sertain files/information. So if your business deals any data, then a server could help you !

By implementing a Server or NAS you will cut down on wasted time and resource’s as people try to find and gather information from different individuals or departments. It means that everything can be found and stored easily. A server also backs up all the work and valuable documents that you and your teams have spent hours on - protecting you and your business every evening.e