WebSite Packages

We offer two main types of website construction, both are Customer Maintained Sites (CMS) where a client can update content themselves. Both options will provide a mobile version of the website.

For smaller websites we offer 2 packages:

BizWiseIT Websites

Standard - A 5-10 page site to give your visitors a detailed understanding of your products or service. A domain name registration, unlimited text on the pages, your logo, specified amount of graphics and specified amount of photos. MS Office 365 Email accounts set up and configured, meta tags and meta descriptions optimised, submission to all major search engines.

An optimised and mobile friendly version of the website will also be set up and supplied.A basic login to for a client to amend the site wil be supplied. Shop/ecommerce/stock management sites not included.

For Customer Maintained Sites (CMS) we offer 3 Packages:

BizWiseIT Websites

Light - A light version is a full CMS site made in Drupal 9. The owner can add, delete and change any content on pages. This includes pictures, graphic and blocks. We activate Google Analytics on all sites.

The design is a standard design but tailored to the client’s colours including the company logo and we set up the content of 5 to 7 pages. There is no limitation on how many pages can be added but if we need to set them up there might be an extra cost involved. The system can be expanded to almost everything but the light version is a good starting point. We provide an easy to use system for maintaining the content.

Standard - A standard version is the same as the Light version but with added further options. In this version we also set up a web form based on the need of the customer. We add the option to show pictures in large size using a pop-up function. We can add one more functionality based on the wishes from the client, please see the colour coded list below.

With this solution we make a unique and optimised design and layout based on the company including SEO optimizing tools and content that later the client can expand as they wish.  We include greater work on the design and provide more options on the site for you to get a more tailored system.

Extended - A extended version contains all the elements of Light and Standard options as above and adds the ability to have a webshop, take online payments and have members only login area. Add in Customer Relationship Management, Product Stock Management, a Forum and Blog can also be added. Please see the colour coded list below for full details.

For all packages above, an optimised and responsive mobile version of the website will also be set up and supplied.


The extended options are as below. Red = Not included   /  Yellow = Possable to Add  /  Green = Extended

Content Management System
CMS - you can maintain content yourself      
Content (pages) - change, add, delete      
Menu Control - change, add, delete      
Pictures and Graphics      
Picture Effects by Default      
Chat with Visitors      
Web Forms      
Ecommerce - Web Shop      
Shopping Cart System & Online Payment      
Members Login Area      
Newsletter Subscription      
Newsletter Composer      
Google Analytics      

For both types of website construction your design is presented in a picture/photo format that the customer can ask for changes before we start programming the website. Any changes to colours and design layout should be agreed at this stage to avoid any further costs once the programing of the site has started. Once the programing is complete, you get access so you can add more content if you wish.

We offer competitive hosting charges via our unique and affordable web hosting packages. 

Please note that these packages should be used as a guide only. Pricing for website design can differ from client to client, as it is not a standard off the shelf product  - each site is designed and tailored to an individual, organisation or company’s needs. Our web packages are priced based on a briefing by the customer and their requirements.

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