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Website & Webshop Design

Do you need a website for your business? Is your current website really doing your business justice?
At BizWiseIT we can create a new website or webshop for you without all the jargon and hype that surrounds the Internet. We design bespoke websites ranging from a couple of pages for a local business, to large multi page e-commerce websites including web enabled bespoke databases. We offer a full range of solutions including web shops, blogs, forums and chat pages. Full hosting solutions and domain name registration services are provided.

Questions to think about when looking at your website: 
Southpoint WebsiteSmith & Green WebsiteGStore Website

What is the one key message someone would take away?
How many colours, fonts and images are there on my homepage?
Are my images up to date?
Are all my pages relevant?
Is the language of my site easy to understand for my customers?
Do you have a mobile & tablet ready website?

What is good web design to us?

We think of the website as a window into your business - it needs to reflect who you are and what you stand for but in a way that makes your best bits stand out. Web design is a complex field and it is really important to get it right.

Our belief is that a website should be designed:
Especially for you and your needs to enable your customers to find your products or services easily and quickly.
It must have a clean design that fits your company and your product.
It should be a responsive web site that is suitable for normal sized computer screens along with mobile/tablet smaller screens. You can find out more info HERE

Your website will help you set the level of your company - if you have a site that is clutterted and filled with items and many colours, it is most likely that any visitors that like that style and design are looking for a good bargain.  If you have a site that is clean and very simple, the visitor will look and think of your company as one that is much cleaner, focused and only offers to do what they do best.

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