Virus/Spyware Removal

What is a computer virus?

Computer viruses started in 1986 when Basit and Amjad realised that the boot sector of a floppy diskette contained executable code They realised that they could replace this code with their own program, that this could be a memory resident program, and that it could install a copy of itself on each floppy diskette that was accessed in any drive. The program copied itself - they called it a Virus.

Today computer viruses have become increasingly complex with infections involving more system elements than ever before. Viruses are spread via receiving an infected or Phishing Email, shared USB flash drives, infected websites or Messenger or other chat programs.

Never click to open a email unless you know who sent it.

What is Spyware?

Laptop AVSpyware threats come in different flavours. The spyware agent can be mailware (modifies system settings, and can perform undesirable tasks on your system), hijacker (redirects your browser to web sites), dialler (dials a service, most likely porn sites, for which you are billed!), Trojan horse (is attached to a program, and performs undesirable tasks on your system), collectware (collects information about you and your surfing habits).
In addition to doing a detailed check of your browser history, spyware can executables files, send continuous data to the author, let hackers intercept your personal data or enter your computer. They can install other programs directly on to your computer without your knowledge, can send/receive cookies to other spyware programs and invite them into your computer (even if you have cookies disabled) They can also add Trojan horses to your system.

The majority of these programs once installed can not easily be deleted from your system by normal methods and often leave components behind to continue to monitor your behaviour and reinstall themselves.

So how can I protect myself and my business?

If you have an immediate virus problem then please contact us and we can recommend how you move forward - it is never too late to get in touch.

We always encourage our clients to have Internet Security installed and running on their computers to protect them computer in the same way we protect our houses with locks  There are 2 core services we provide:

1. We can clean your system - this will cleanse & check every aspect of your Infrastructure to make sure nothing is at risk.
2. We can install & set up Bit Defender Internet Security - this will give you the best protection so that Viruses are not something you need to worry about.