IT Support

IT support

At BizWiseIT, we dont just fix computers, we advise, help & guide you through the IT jungle !

Our business is built on good customer relationships, allowing us to provide a structured tailored support package based on your requirements and needs.

Our IT support service to business and home users, covers computer repairs, upgrades, data transfer, general PC & Laptop heath checks, and optimisation.

Windows server support, network, VPN set up along with PC virus & spyware removal. We provide help, support and guidence on Android phones and tablets.

We also supply high quality IT systems ranging from Small Business Servers, Computers & Laptops to Wireless & Wired Networks.

IT Planning and Advice

Often businesses only want to spend money on their IT infrastructure when necessary or when something has gone wrong.  This is often too late and to really stay ahead of the curve you need to think about IT as part of your business planning process.

We believe technology should be used to provide growth & help fulfilling your business potential, but...

  • How could a system save you money and lost time?
  • What are the changes you need to make now to be ‘up to date’?
  • How are your IT systems affecting your professional business image?


To avoid disasters or the inability to grow, bite the bullet and make some IT purchases. To this end we belive there are 9 key purchases that every business needs to look at and invest in :

1:  Hardware to last for 3 - 5 years
If you purchase IT hardware based on your current requirements, you are wasting money. When it comes time to replace desktops, laptops, servers, and networking hardware, look at least three years into the future.
2:  Backup software
It’s not rocket science, back it up before you lose it. We have seen hard drives last 16 years or 16 hours. Many businesses want to get by without spending any money on backup solutions. But when you are faced with a crashed server and your customers or clients calling you will wish you had backed up server images and have on and offsite back up drives. We all know no backup solution is perfect, but having the ability to recover from server crash will, in the long run, save your company from folding, Period
3:  Suitable Internet connection
We are amazed when we find a business is attempting to run on a consumer-grade DSL line. Yes, Not only will your work be slow, but work could easily come to a halt.  Don’t let something as simple as a slow internet connection cause you headaches day in and day out.
4:  Business router and firewall
If you are relying on a free BT router or the Windows desktop or server firewall to protect you, think again. Take network security seriously and drop the notion that the Windows built-in firewall is enough. What you really need is a hardware solution, from Cisco, Drytek  or Sonicwall. Not only are these devices far more secure, they are also more reliable and flexible. Don’t entrust the safety of your business to weak software firewalls. Period.
5:  Powerful web site with ecommerce
If you don’t already have a Web site to showcase your business, you need one. And not the standard template site that won’t get business noticed. You need to take your online presence seriously. If that online presence includes ecommerce, you really need to invest in a solid solution.  Remember, your bottom line is directly affected by your presence online.
6:  Business-class printers
Don’t let your business rely on a consumer-grade printer. Not only do they not have all the features you need, they don’t have the longevity to withstand business-level usage. You need a serious printer that can handle a serious job load. Don’t skimp or you’ll be screaming at that HP Deskjet until you feel your hair turn gray and your sanity start to slip…
7:  Mobile solutions
Your business needs to be mobile. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops-you need the solutions to enable you to work away from the office. This might also require a VPN setup. Spend that money so you are not locked to the office at all times. Besides, consumers need to know you have caught up to current technology trends. That is forward thinking and, on some levels, can help win over new customers.
8:  Redundancy
Things break. Period. Be your internet connection, a hard drive, a network, a router, or even a server goes down. When something breaks on this level, you can’t do business, then you realise to late, how important IT is to your business. The cost of redundancy, in some instances, might be high, but the payoff will be worth it. Like backups, this investment will be one you hope you never have to use. But should that occasion arise, you’ll be glad it’s there to cover you
9:  IT Support
One way or another, you need IT support, whether outsourced or purchased support for software. IT support is essential to your business. Don't think you can rely on your "mates tennis partners husband" or "someone we know from down the pub". If you don’t have structured  IT support in place, and the need arises, it’s already too late. By then you’re scrambling to grab up the first company you can find in Yellow pages.

We have seen a number of instances where a business has relied on amatures to muddle through fixing computers. They then get fed up and disappear leaving you with no IT support, no documentation, no admin passwords and no way to recover the situation. The cost of getting professional IT support involved at this point is far worse than purchasing an IT support contract from the start. Always make sure you have IT support in place and at the ready, and that is where we come in !