New Office IT Set Up

We are always looking for ways to make IT simple & easy - we know that as a new business owner you are busy, often with more important things to worry about. That's why we are developing some simple packages that give you an idea of what you get for a fixed fee.

Our NEW OFFICE IT START-UP PACKAGE is designed for anyone who is starting a new venture - big or small. The package provides you with:

Office iTi3, i5 or i7 PC's and laptops
Android Tablets and Smart Phones
Microsoft Office 365 Software
24" or larger TFT screen
Wireless Keyboards & mouse
Anti-Virus Software/Internet Security
Network set up including wireless router & network printer/scanner
Website design & support
Email set up with domain name

We will help, advise, purchase, organise and set up your entire office and business IT Infrastructure. We are offering a hugely preferential rate for those interested in our new START-UP Package !

We will fully set up and install your new laptop or PC, along with connecting it to your network/router. Plus we will install your programs and transfer/copy any Data/Music/Photos you require.

IT Support PlanComputer and Laptop Maintenance Service Plan

You wouldn’t change your car if all it needed was an oil change or new spark plugs ? You would service your car. We look at our clients machines in the same way. We can service your computer so it could it be made to run faster, better, cooler and maybe more quietly.

We can recommend and install the best-suited new components – radically reinvigorating out-dated hardware; extending your machine’s life and improving performance.

Plus we will supply and install new up to date Anti Virus/Internet Security, health check and optimise your computer, check your back up is working correctly. Make sure all programs are up to date and install any Windows security updates as required and were possible take a "snap shot image" of the PC or Laptop

We can't wait to hear from YOU!