Why branding is so important

Branding is so much more than just a name, a logo, a design. 

Today, a company’s brand needs to work much harder.  For consumers, it’s the perception they have when they see the logo, read about the business, hear the name or think about the company’s product or service.

A trusted brand is critical especially in today’s digital age.  Over three quarters of consumers will search up the company online, check out their social media pages, their reviews and other forums before making a decision to purchase, therefore your reputation is crucial.  One poor Google review or post can have a significant impact on your business, and with social media being such a popular channel for people airing their views, you could have a serious problem if that one person happens to have thousands of followers. 

Consider these questions:

Does your brand relate to your target audience?

What are your unique selling points and does your brand reflect these?

Does your brand reflect the core values of your business – what do you want to achieve?

You must fully understand the requirements of your customers and the solutions you can provide to their needs.  Integrating brand strategies at every touch point of the customer journey will ensure your whole company is living and breathing the values of your brand and know what you stand for. 

You want to be able to connect with your audience on an emotional level and trust is key when it comes to doing business.  We have some powerful tools available to us by way of technology and social media which, when used in the right way, can have a positive impact on reaching your market.  Combine these with the fundamentals of building effective relationships and you’ll be positioning your business well for continued success.

Think outside the box and remember it’s much than just that graphic design and what your logo looks like, the colours you’re using - it’s all encompassing!  Your brand needs to deliver a clear message to your audience, it needs to confirm your credibility, it needs to connect with your audience and motivate them to make a purchase as well as creating an air of loyalty, so they come back time and time again.