What would you do?

Hackers are now demanding ransoms to allow companies to regain control of their computer systems

We hear about it all the time, it’s become commonplace in daily conversations, but what would you do if your business was attacked by hackers and a ransom was demanded – pay up or be locked out of your computer system for good?  This is exactly what happened to a Norwegian manufacturer recently.

The video posted on the BBC Technology page is a prime example of how powerful these hackers have become. 

Could you resort to just paper and pen to get by?  When your business relies on a computer to tell you the exact measurements of a product to be fabricated or the entire production line for that week, how would you cope?  What’s your back-up plan?  The Norwegian company in question resorted to years’ worth of paperwork and old files to help them but weeks later they’re still in recovery mode and it’s cost them millions. 

The virus used by the hackers was LockerGoga, similar to the ransomware used which hacked the NHS a couple of years ago.  Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated which means we must become more and more vigilant.