What should your website include?

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Attracting potential buyers to your website is one thing, getting them interested to stay for more than a few seconds is another.  So, what are the fundamental aspects your website needs to include to ensure that all-important sale?

As a rule of thumb, they say that it takes about 5 seconds to make a good first impression, if not, and if your message isn’t clear, then the potential buyer is lost.

Website development and purposes have evolved over the past few years.  A website has become much more than just somewhere to house information about your product or service – it’s a fundamental part of your business; showcasing your brand and displaying a broader marketing campaign, as well as your products/services with perhaps the integration of an eCommerce platform.

It’s important to strike a balance – don’t overcomplicate your website with fancy words, images and graphics.  The purpose is to grab your potential buyers’ attention enough that they want to know more or have a need to contact you to further pursue their line of enquiry and that sale.  You’ll find some websites give away too much knowledge and that actually can be detrimental.  Your sales pitch needs to be quick and easy for the viewer to understand.  Too much information will deter buyers – remember time is money.  Our lives seem to run at 100mph and there’s not the time to digest masses of unnecessary information.  Provide the facts, what you can offer and how you can overcome the challenges your buyers face.  Come up with a simple tagline that everyone can understand.

Ensure your website is customer-centric – it should focus on the customer’s needs, so ensure your imagery reflects this – happy customers and products that are there to benefit your customers for example, rather than a picture of your office building!

If your business provides lots of different services and products, try and categorise them as much as possible so your website doesn’t appear fussy.  Clear, simple messaging and overall look will go much further in grabbing someone’s attention rather than trying to incorporate every aspect of your business.  Once you’ve engaged with your customer, you can talk further about other products and services which may be of benefit once you know their story and needs.

Make it easy for your buyers by providing an obvious call to action, whether that’s requesting a quote, making an appointment, placing an order if you have an eCommerce platform integrated, making contact – by way of phone, text or email.

Be cheeky and ask for the sale – it’s that simple!