What does the new working week look like?

A neon sign saying Open

There is finally some light at the end of the tunnel as the UK starts to resume some sense of normality and businesses start to reopen this week.  It’s been a tough ride over the past 12 months but what does the new norm look like?

Businesses have adapted considerably following the global pandemic with many employees working remotely and catching up with colleagues and clients over Zoom and the telephone.  So, will this continue? 

It’s probably fair to say that an element of flexibility and hybrid working will continue.  While many employees will be glad to return to an office environment to see friends and colleagues, many businesses may rethink the way they do business and in doing so, they’ll need to consider the long-term planning especially when it comes to IT provisions and investments. It is likely we’ll see an increase in budget spends on software which enable collaboration and efficiency, as well as on hardware to ensure employees remain comfortable working from home.  In addition, security will be a top priority especially around cloud applications and secure infrastructures.

We all know the importance of cybersecurity but regular reminders and training will help to ensure a seamless experience for employees and customers alike.  

If as a business you’re planning on bringing everyone back to the office environment and continue the usual 9-5 Monday to Friday working week, you may need to get clever in how you entice your employees back!  There will undoubtedly be an element of fear and trepidation whether it’s through fear of mixing with others or just the fact people have gotten used to and now enjoy the benefits of working from home.  New habits will have been formed over the past year and the way we operate will never quite be the same again!