Website colour trends for 2020

coloured pencils

Picking colours for your website goes far beyond your favourite colour – there is some science to the colours an organisation will pick, as they have a big impact on your visitors to your site and how they feel when they click on your search result! 

It’s suggested that people judge products within 90 seconds of exposure — and 90% of that judgment is based on colour alone. Choosing the right colours can enhance readability by 40%, increase comprehension by 73%, and improve learning by 78%.  So, what are some of the top website colour trends for this year?

Choosing soft tones

Using just a few simple soft tones can create a classy, uncluttered look.  Bold colours can be distracting; remember you want your buyer to be able to easily relate and understand your key messages.  If these are complicated with bold, overpowering colours, the buyer will turn away.

Gradient colours

Using gradient colours such as greens and blues with white are becoming popular this year.  It creates some interest and allows certain aspects of your website to be highlighted, while still keeping an element of simplicity.

Earthy tones

With so much emphasis being put on the environment, it’s no wonder that earthy tones are becoming fashionable, for example using green, grey, and light brown colours.   

Classic black

Black on black on black doesn’t look quite as severe as it might sound!  Using different shades can give a website a very classy, sophisticated look, but be careful not to just choose one tone – this will make your site look very flat and dark.

Remember, when it comes to colour, you must also consider the type of business you’re in.  For example, a classy boutique may choose soft tones for their website rather than something earthy.  A company selling organic produce is more likely to pick earthy tones over gradient colours or classic black.  So, give some thought to your own product/service, as well as your audience before embarking on choosing your colour palette.  

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