Surviving Lockdown 2.0

Home office set up from the couch

For some, remote working has become the new norm and working patterns have changed for good following the first lockdown.  But for those that were fortunate enough to return to work after the last lockdown and are now back working remotely again, here are some tips on how to survive this second wave. 

Act as if you are going to the office.  Dress appropriately and have a designated area set up as your work office; it doesn’t have to be a large area but something suitable other than the sofa or remaining in bed with your laptop on your lap!  Dressing appropriately and having a proper set up will put you in the right frame of mind. It will help with that mental shift into work mode and enable you to stick to a work-mode structure.

Start the day off by doing something that isn’t working – perhaps an online workout or a walk round the block.  Clear your mind for the day ahead. 

Avoid the distractions!  Breakdown your day into chunks of time.  Just because you’re at home, try and avoid getting into doing other tasks such as putting the washing on or clearing up last night’s dinner mess.  It’s simple things like this that can impact your motivation.  If you’re trying to juggle family life with work, set the boundaries (within reason).  If it means closing the door for an hour so you can get your head down to complete a task, then do it. 

Remain productive and switch off notifications.  Try and stick to your normal hours as much as possible, as opposed to letting your structure slip so you end up working for longer into the day (or evening).   

Regularly check in with your colleagues, ideally via Zoom so you have that interaction as opposed to just being a voice at the end of the phone.  However, be mindful of video call fatigue.  Sometimes a call can make a refreshing break, so keep the balance.

For many, working remotely can be difficult so don’t be too hard on yourself if you find you’re struggling with the shift.  Your mental wellbeing and health are more important.  Stay safe and stay home.  If you have any IT issues while working remotely, then please get in touch.