Stay cyber safe this summer

If you’re looking to book a holiday ‘’, be extra vigilant, as this time of year can be the perfect haven for scammers.  There are numerous websites out there offering the latest last-minute deal but are they all legitimate? 

More and more people are turning to their mobile device to book a flight, accommodation or holiday package and it’s this that is potentially catching people out.  Fake links are harder to identify on a smartphone or tablet, and if the holiday on offer is super appealing, why would you stop to think about whether the web address is real?  But if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is!

If you are going to use a mobile device to book your next holiday, ensure your devices are protected with a strong spam and phishing filter to prevent fraudulent activity reaching you.  It’s also recommended that you only use well known, legitimate websites even if others are offering a cheap deal.  Ensure you check the URL and know which site you’re visiting particularly before entering personal information and credit card details.  Fake URLs can be identified by spelling mistakes or where special symbols have been included instead of letters. 

As with all cybersecurity, make sure you don’t click on links from unknown sources, whether it’s been sent via email or social network platforms.  Take just a few extra minutes to ensure you stay cyber safe this summer.

Happy holidays!