Making IT easy for our customers

IT isn’t always the most thrilling of subjects that’s why we like to make it simple and easy for our customers. It’s not something that tends to be at the top of the priority list when you’re running a business so that’s why we have developed some simple IT packages to allow you to concentrate on your core focus.

Our new Office IT start-up package is designed for anyone looking to venture out on their own – whether that’s a one-man band or a small business or something a bit bigger.

We will provide the following:

  • i3, i5 or i7 PC's and laptops
  • Tablets and smart phones
  • Microsoft Office & Outlook 2013
  • 24" TFT screen
  • Wireless keyboards & mouse
  • Anti-Virus software/internet security
  • Network set up including wireless router & network printer/scanner
  • Website design & support
  • Email set up with domain name

Not only do we just provide the goods to help you get started with your business venture, we will help, advise, organize and set up your entire office and business IT infrastructure. We will also fully set up and install your new PCs and laptops and install all the necessary programs you’ll need. Enquire about our preferential rate today if you’re considering setting your own business up.

Our computer and laptop maintenance service plan will help keep your business running. We service your products to ensure they run more efficiently. We will recommend and install the best-suited components – based on your business needs, extending your machine’s life and improving its performance.

We can supply and install new and up to date anti-virus software, run a health check and optimise your computer’s performance. So, all in all everything can be taken care of, you just need to get in touch, and we’ll do the rest!