L & M Carpentry NAS Set Up

Read our latest case study for L & M Carpentry where we came up with a solution to ensure documents could be shared amongst staff without creating conflicting copies.  

The Problem

One of our clients, L & M Carpentry was using Dropbox for sharing documents between staff who all had different access levels due to their different roles (eg management, office staff, contractors).  This was creating conflict copies of the documents, so it was difficult to know which one was the master.
The solution
Everything was transferred over to a NAS and Dropbox was then attached to that.  We had to work out the different access levels and security but it meant that only one file with that name could be opened at one time so there was no conflict.  The Dropbox accounts were then being synchronized ensuring there was only one master document with back up to an external drive.

What is a NAS?
A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is an intelligent hard disk storage system with its own network address rather than being attached to any computer. It has its own software for configuring and mapping file locations to the network’s attached devices.

A NAS is designed to provide a central place to store and share all your files and data and allow access to them from anywhere on your network.  Security can also be set up so that only certain users can access certain files/information.

By implementing a NAS you will cut down on wasted time and resources as people try to find and gather information from different individuals or departments. It means that everything can be found and stored easily.  A NAS also backs up all the work and valuable documents that you and your teams have spent hours on - protecting you and your business around the clock.

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