Keeping your PC up to date is vital!

keeping your PC up to date

With everything that’s currently going on to avoid the COVID-19 virus, it’s also vital to remember to avoid viruses on your PC.  The key to this is to keep your PCs up to date and install updates when they’re provided. 

It serves as a good reminder and is even more pertinent given Microsoft’s recent announcement that they are to release patches for a total of 113 vulnerabilities across 11 products that have been found.

A patch is a set of changes to a computer program or its supporting data designed to update, fix, or improve it. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs, with such patches usually being called bugfixes or bug fixes, and improving the functionality, usability or performance.

One such issue identified is hackers could execute code remotely.  This means the hacker could then successfully install programs, view and delete data, as well as create new accounts with full user access rights, exposing your personal data and content. And with more people currently working from home, this could have a huge impact on companies trying to run their business remotely.

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