Fake Live Chats

Scammers are reaching new heights and thinking of new ways to deceive the public.  Scammers are now using live-chat support on fake Office 365 websites to make them look legitimate and victims are falling for it and why wouldn’t they?

Victims are being directed to the web to renew their Office 365 subscription after receiving an email from MSOffice with the email address info@officefamily.us, but how often do you take note of the actual email address? 

When victims click on the ‘Renew Now’ button they are redirected to a site mimicking an official Microsoft site and here’s where it gets interesting.  Failing to log in, victims are clicking on the live-chat option and that’s when the assistant asks for your log-in details.  Anyone willing to give them up is giving the scammer access to their data and personal information. 

While it’s difficult to know what’s legitimate or not, remember that live-chart support is no guarantee that a site is genuine. 

With Microsoft, one person wasn’t falling victim and he recorded his chat with the scammer which ended abruptly when “John Williams” let on that he knew the site was a “phishing scam”.  When you’re being redirected some Search engines do prevent you from visiting it warning there’s a “Deceptive site ahead” so be cautious!