Expanding with the times

L&M Carpentry Ltd (LMC) logo

L&M CARPENTRY LTD. (LMC), based in Copthorne, West Sussex, has been our client since its launch in 2010.

During this time, the business has grown and expanded, and its IT requirements have changed with the times. 

When they began trading, the team used Dropbox to share data and documents between office-based staff and their remote workers on building sites.  

As the business grew and additional staff employed, issues arose with conflict documents.  The Dropbox application could not work out which file was the latest version to save since office-based and remote staff would leave Excel and Word documents open on their PCs and laptops. 

Different access levels were also required between office management and contractors, so the solution was to install a Synology Network Attached Storage system (NAS) in their office.  This has enabled office staff to directly access the data from the NAS while incorporating different access levels per login.

Dropbox was also configured to the NAS, synchronising the required data to the contractor’s laptops.  This solution has eliminated 95% of the file conflict issues and provided a cloud backup for all their office data.

We continue to work and support L&M Carpentry Ltd. (LMC) for their IT needs, and we have recently rolled out new Lenovo ThinkPad laptops.