End of Year Distractions

laptop with a hand holding a credit card and a padlock

Christmas is a prime time to target unsuspecting victims, especially with the rise in online orders and deliveries around this time.  There are numerous ways scammers can reach you including online, by phone, email, chat, and those that specifically target the older generation.  

Here are some reminders to keep you safe online this festive season.

  • Be cautious with email and text messages containing links.  Don’t be fooled by messages posing as a delivery carrier and asking for additional postage.  Some of the other common email scams can involve asking you to complete a survey and when you click the link your system is infected with a virus, or someone is posing as your bank.   
  • Be mindful of emails promoting sales and exclusive offers which may contain harmful Ransomware.  This is a prime time for stores to be offering online discounts and offers just in time for Christmas and some even start their Boxing Day sales early! 
  • Avoid using a work computer for personal shopping. Switching between work and online shopping can increase the risk of clicking a malicious link.
  • Be careful of Phishing attacks which may be sent via SMS, instant messaging, or social networks and are often used to steal user data.
  • When online shopping and surfing the net, avoid clicking on pop-ups and buy from trusted sources.  Keep your computer software updated to keep attackers at bay!
  • You can never be too cautious. 

Use multi-factor authentication so access is only granted after two or more pieces of evidence is successfully presented to an authentication mechanism.  It may include a password and an email or text code or fingerprint on a mobile device.  So, if you’re only using one method, consider setting up additional authentication.

Protect your data from prying eyes with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and regularly update your passwords.  Use suggested strong passwords and if you’re worried about forgetting them, there are many providers that offer password management services to keep them stored safely.      

If you’re a business in the Gatwick, Crawley, or West Sussex region and have any concerns about online safety, setting up a VPN, or any other IT-related queries, please get in touch.