Don’t be exposed!

working in a cafe with your laptop

Times are changing.  More and more people are working remotely and we may find even more people do so once the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted. But whether you’re working from home, hotdesking, or using your laptop or mobile device while you’re waiting for a flight or a client in a café, you should consider locking your web traffic via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN extends a private network across a public network and allows the user to send and receive data securely across shared or public networks, just as it would if the device was connected directly to a private network.

The advantages of using a VPN include:

  • You’ll be anonymous on the internet meaning your IP address and location won’t be visible.
  • You’ll be safer as the encryption provided by the VPN will deter hackers and your device won’t be as vulnerable to attacks.
  • By using different IP addresses via the VPN, you’ll be able to access website and online services that may have been otherwise blocked. 

But how often does this happen?  Is your device protected?  With the availability of WI-FI hotspots and 4G and 5G, it’s easy to send a quick email or access a file, but who else might be able to access what you’re viewing or sending? When out and about, you should treat all connections as untrusted and therefore use a VPN unless you’re connected to your work network or say your phone’s hotspot capability.

There are a great many VPN providers available and it can sometimes be confusing as to which one provides the best service.  At BizWise IT, we can advise you on all you need to know to allow you (and your work colleagues) to work remotely and safely, so just get in touch with us today.