Coronavirus Pandemic


There’s probably not a day that goes past when the Coronavirus isn’t making news.  If that isn’t bad enough since January there has been an increasing effort to use the global crisis to spread malware and steal personal information and add another layer of concern to the vulnerable situation. 

As the crisis escalates with more than 80,000 people being affected and the death toll rising, hackers are finding elaborate ways to attack the cyber world.

According to a recent blog from Proofpoint, it said that attackers are leveraging conspiracy theory-based fears about the virus to sell fake cures and campaigns that appear to be legitimate sources of health information to manipulate users but instead they’re sending out malicious links.

Hackers are not only targeting individuals; they’re also attacking those industries that are being affected especially shipping companies.  Communications are being sent from an organisation’s management team or boss which appears as an email with company letterhead and so unsuspecting team members are clicking on it – why would you doubt that it wasn’t from them in the time of such a crisis?      

As we find ourselves facing a possible global pandemic, we are seeing a rise in Google search terms and the number of bot requests for the term.  This increase in online interest into Coronavirus is providing the perfect platform to spread fake or misinformation or to lure people into purchasing bogus cures.

With that in mind, it serves as a good reminder to be cautious should you receive any Coronavirus themed emails or where you’re accessing information via the web on the subject.