Collaboration with Partnership Network Events

Partnership Network Events

Partnership Network Events (PNE) specialise in bringing together public sector senior leaders to collaborate, network and innovate through face-to-face events.  BizWise IT was introduced to them in January 2019 to health check and install Anti-Virus software on their staffs’ laptops.

It has become a partnership in itself over the past three years as the BizWise IT team has helped and facilitated their IT office move to new premises at Amberley Court Office Complex in Crawley, where we also provided the site-wide internet infrastructure.  The move involved installing structured network cabling, configuring their routers and Ubiquiti Wi-Fi access points.

In September 2019, we undertook email migration from Gmail to Office 365.  New accounts were established, and all the data and emails were moved from Gmail into Outlook on everyone’s laptops. 

Earlier this year, we planned and helped Partnership Network Events move to even bigger offices at Global House in Crawley.  This move involved purchasing and installing routers, switches and a communications cabinet and mounting 25 new TFT (thin-film transistor) screens onto desk mount arms.  In addition, BizWise IT purchased and configured over ten new Lenovo ThinkPad laptops for staff use.

It’s a pleasure to provide ongoing IT support for PNE in ensuring they have the most current systems as they continue to expand and grow.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss partnering with an IT company that will provide ongoing support and guidance.