Cabling at Amberley Court

A new re-cabling project at Amberley Court has been keeping us busy recently with the overall aim of providing a fully serviced office with one office across two units and the ability to beam a network connection from one building to the network.

In Unit 6 we supplied a new wall mounted steel communications cabinet with a 48-port patch panel.  We checked out 44 RJ45 modules which were to be fully tested and replaced as necessary.  We ran CAT5e cable from the communications cabinet to 20 points around the unit as well as installing a connection to the Patch Panel on the first floor.  We also tested the existing ground floor cabling and modules (24 in total) and punched down on the Patch Panel.  Finally, we installed and configured a spare Southpoint Draytek router for the client’s internet connection.

Meanwhile in Unit 5, on the ground floor we joined 12 cables from downstairs with CAT5e termination junction boxes to allow us to extend the cables to the new Patch Panel on the first floor.

On the first floor we re-cabled 16 other points to the Patch Panel. Just like Unit 6, we supplied a wall mounted steel communications cabinet with a 48-port Patch Panel. We also extended 12 CAT5e cables from the ground floor to the communications cabinet on the first floor.  Eight of the ports were re-cable on the first floor to join the communications cabinet, as well as moving and relaying ten CAT5e port cables in trunking and re-punched down to the RJ45 modules on the first floor.  In this unit we needed to fully test 28 RJ45 modules. 

It was certainly a fair bit of cabling!  If you’re in need of any cabling jobs, get in touch – no matter how big or small!