Buying with confidence?

Buy with Confidence members are being hit by the latest email scam. Members are receiving an email from an ‘’ email address which contains a general request for a quote and makes mention that the sender knows the recipient is a member of the Buy with Confidence scheme and that they’re aware of the membership in order to make it look like a legitimate email.

The sender’s aim is to take control of that member’s email account in order to launch an interception scam.  When a business is about to request a large payment from a client, the scammer steps in and sends an email requesting the transfer to their own bank details.  The obvious intention is for the victim to pay the scammer so that they and their business are out of pocket.  

As with any scam Buy with Confidence are urging their members to delete any suspicious emails and not to click on any unusual links. They’re also suggesting that you change your password if you think you may have inadvertently given your email password or other sensitive information to a scammer – remember, do not enter your email password into any site that you’re not confident it needs it.

Buy with Confidence makes every effort to provide a safe and secure environment for its members.  Unfortunately, the very nature of the membership and the information that is contained within a member’s listing gives rise to potential scams.

Should you feel you’ve been targeted or concerned by phishing attempts through the Buy with Confidence scheme, please contact