2022 Website Trends

Laptop open with Wordpress showing with a notebook next to it

One of our core offerings is website design.   We pride ourselves on offering a service for businesses in and around Crawley, Gatwick, and Sussex because we understand the region and the audience.  

We design bespoke websites ranging from a couple of pages for a local business to sizeable multi-page e-commerce websites, including web-enabled bespoke databases. We offer a full range of solutions, including webshops, blogs, forums, chat pages, complete hosting solutions and domain name registration services.

So, what are some of the website trends we're looking at in 2022?

Simplified & less cluttered

Sometimes less is more and one-page websites are becoming increasingly popular.  These websites work well when the subject matter is narrower, for example, a single idea or portfolio, and generally, they're doing away with menus and navigations to avoid distractions.  All the information the reader needs is in one place instead of reading across multiple pages.

Eliminating the distraction of lots of images is also putting more focus on style and content.


Using oversized typography can create a fresh, bold design; the words become more of a graphic element rather than just being part of the copy.  It's a versatile technique used for both minimalist and maximalist design and supports the need for less imagery.

Collage & abstract illustrations

Mixing up shapes, patterns, and colours within a collage illustration rather than focusing the layout on a photograph allows for more white space in the design.  Adding a monochrome effect, tint, or filter to help blend with the overall design can also create a simple design feature.

Abstract illustrations aren't new to website design; however, the focus is shifting to more organic textures and a sense of the human hand.  Incorporating the likes of watercolour, ink, paint, silkscreen effects, or the texture of the paper are becoming more popular.  Lines can also be softer, imitating line weight variations that come from graphite or ink.


It's not just what you say; it's also how and where you say it.  Website designs are moving towards more inclusive content and language, portraying a more universal feel.  More inclusive copy makes the website more welcoming and accessible to a wider audience.


Page speed has always been a consideration, but Google's algorithm update last year has made speed even more of a priority for SEO.  Time is money, as they say, and time is a scarce commodity - over 50% of users will abandon a page if it doesn't load within the first three seconds of opening the page, so make sure your website is fully optimised.

Your website is the window to your business, so whatever the trends, our belief is to offer a bespoke service and design a website that reflects who you are and what your business stands for while meeting your customers' needs.  It must have a clean design to fit your company values and highlight your products/services in the best light.

Get in touch if you're after a brand new website or just a refresh; we'd love to help.