2019 Technology Trends

2019 is fast approaching and so it’s the ideal time to look at what’s going to be trending in the new year.  We know that technology doesn’t stand still for long – it’s forever evolving which is impacting the way we conduct business (and how we operate our personal lives!). 

Digital transformation is likely to touch every industry, while things like Virtual Reality, Blockchain technologies and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be even more prevalent. 

Business processes will improve through the use of AI as it becomes more intelligent and improves user experiences overall.  We’ve touched on it before about how AI is fueling the automotive industry, but we’re likely to see even more of a shift towards driverless cars.  The choice is yours though as to whether you embark on such a journey!

Automation is a big buzz word and it’s likely that we’ll see more robotic technology being used in specific industries to further improve efficiencies.  It will be interesting to see how radical this becomes.  Will we will be served by robots in future in bars and restaurants?  It’s probably not far off.

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