It’s now common place that most of the time, people use a mobile device to check out their next eatery, or where they can find a certain product or offering, so it’s fair to say that you want your website to be able to perform effectively on all manner of devices. 

Whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, or desktop, your website must be compatible and consistent across all platforms. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to scroll up, down, left, and right on a website that isn’t responsive just to get an idea of all the content.

How can BizWise IT help?

Hackers like to attack at all times and no more so during the festive period. 

Be wary of attachments and links spreading Christmas cheer which may end up spreading Christmas misery if they hold a dark secret.

Social media is currently rife with videos and Christmas card or present deliveries being sent via private message.  What seems so innocent can turn your Christmas into a nightmare, so be warned!  It’s not to say that everything is bah humbug but if it seems a little odd or out of the ordinary from one of your contacts, it most probably is, so be cautious.

It’s been a hectic few months of fixing computers, installing new ones and generally providing lots of IT support to our clients. 

We’ve certainly been finding lots of people are having issues with Windows 7 and Windows 10 updates and the impact it’s having on their internet speed – if you’re experiencing similar, you’re not alone.  So, with Christmas around the corner and a busy time of year for most, make sure you’re prepared for the festive season. 

Cyberattacks continue to make headline news on what seems to be a very regular occurrence. 

The latest story highlights the scale of log-in hijacking.  Research suggests that cyber thieves get their hands on almost 250,000 valid log-in names and passwords for Google accounts each week – that’s a scary statistic, but we don’t help ourselves. 

While it might be a hassle to change your passwords, or have different passwords for different access points, it does pay to be a complex individual!

Are you prepared? Would you know what to do in the event of an emergency…we’re talking IT emergency!

It may not necessarily be something you think about or associate with IT, but just as disasters occur naturally, the same can happen with IT, so it’s a good job to be prepared or at least have some sort of plan in place.

Firstly, look at your business processes.  What fundamentally needs to happen to allow the business to function?  Then you can start to plan how to avoid risks which are most likely to impact those processes.

A cheap logo can do untold damage to your brand.  It’s your flagship, it represents your business, its values and tells a story, so don’t settle for less. 

Your logo is there to build confidence and trust in your customer base and to entice new customers to come onboard.  A logo should create a positive perception and be a good match for your products or services. 

With the world wide web being such a prominent force in today’s society, the competition for customers is enormous.

So, how do you go about capturing your audience’s attention and getting them interested in what you have to say, whether it’s a website or an article you’ve written?

Your logo is the flagship to your business.  It can say a lot about who you are, your product or services and your values. 

They say people make decisions based on what they see in about two seconds, so when it comes to business, it’s important you have the right image, colours and business collateral. 

When it comes to deciding on a logo that best portrays what your business represents, consider these tips:

Technology is now part of everyday life, and the advances it’s making are pretty incredible.  But in this fast-paced technological world we live in, are your systems up to the job they’re intended for?  When was the last time you made an IT investment?

Technology should be used as a beneficial tool to provide growth and fulfill your business potential and your customer’s expectations.  But slow and inefficient systems or lack of investment can have a detrimental impact on your professional image.

Here are some tips to help you keep ahead.

The speed of your website can have a real impact on your brand and the customer experience. 

Consumers will leave a site within the first few seconds of visiting if it’s uninteresting, cluttered etc. but perhaps more importantly, if it takes a while to load.

Lots of images, content and hosting are just some of the contributing factors which will make a website slow to load.  This can be really frustrating for the user and as a result, they’re unlikely to continue searching the site.