Why us ?

Why BizWiseIT Computer Support and Service

Who are we? We are computer support & services business based in Crawley. We offer a full suite of IT services. We can set up a new system, refresh an outdated one, fix your problems & even buy any hardware or software for you.
Why were we created? We are on a mission. IT has a bad name…Often people don’t recognise how pivotal the right system & set up can be. Our mission is to change the IT for business in Crawley – proving the difference IT can make to you!
What do we do? We provide local, trusted IT and computer support.

We listen to you and your needs & we use our 4 focus areas to decide what we can do to better increase your IT experience, these are:

Creating a new business IT & computer system
Fixing a problem with an existing computer, network or system
Refreshing a business when it comes to IT – you may not realise how much time & money a refreshed system can save YOU
Supporting our customers with buying hardware OR through a monthly package designed to make sure they have support no matter what

We can also do almost anything related to IT support, website & graphic design, laptops and computers, but the easiest thing to do is give us a call.