Our Ethos


We are ALL IT experts  - We won’t employ anyone who has not had many years of IT experience. This means we are not sales people & we listen to you and your problems.
We are passionate about people upgrading their IT as we have seen the difference and efficient system can make – in both money and time. Because we don’t have a huge sales team we can give you an expert service at a great price.
We are tailored to you - we use our 4 step system to look at your needs & can be a one stop solution for you. This can include all 4 areas OR just one – whatever suits you.
We can take on the big guys – we focus on what we do but we have also created a network of partner organisations to ensure you get the best prices & support. We are a partner of Microsoft – enabling us to sell their services.
We believe small is beautiful - No job is too small and we don’t have ego’s – this means we focus on our small clients with the same passion as for our larger clients. 100% pride and attention. We have previously been highly commended in the Best of Business awards for Crawley.
We are protected - Our public liability is arranged through RBS Business Insurance Serveries for £1 million. The insurance certificate is available at request.

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